About This Station

It uses a weather station Vantage pro 2 permanently connected to a PC and data are captured and processed by software. It gathers data every second, and the site is updated every 3 seconds. This site and its data are software and WSWIN Weather Display. The station has an anemometer located approx. 15 m from the ground.

Console display station Vantage PRO 2 More connected to the PC

The rain gauge, barometer, thermo-hygrometer sensor and solar and UV sensors are placed in the garden at approx. 2 m above the ground in an optimal way to obtain maximum accuracy.
rain + sensor
Sense. solar radiation
UV detector

About This City Cernay (France)

Ancient fortified city in the Middle Ages knew Deer_Lodge preserve some vestiges of that era: the streets of downtown remained loyal to the square of the old city and the Porte de Thann houses the Historical Museum. Specializing in the textile sector in the nineteenth century, is now a Cernay economic and industrial center. Musée de la porte de Thann Located in a door medieval historical monument, the building was part of the fortifications in the city since the thirteenth century. The museum aims to introduce the local historical heritage and promote exhibitions. Contact: Historical Society 1, rue Latouche-old remains of fortifications along the ditches of the old city transformed into gardens, we can see the alignment of houses showing the ancient fortifications. It is in a charter of 1271, reflecting the sale of the possessions of Count Ulrich of Ferrette to the Bishop of Basel, that there for the first time for Cernay the term "worship" meaning "fortified town." The park storks stork, a symbol of Alsace, is also of Cernay par excellence. In 1938, Alsace 140 breeding pairs. Their numbers fell sharply after the war to 7 couples in 1967 a fleet of reintroduction of storks Cernay is created in 1978 under the leadership of mayor at the time and in close collaboration with the Regional Center for Bird Banding. After 10 years of effort, patience and lots of love, the result was up to expectations, Cernay, had returned, quite rightly, "Cernay, city of storks."




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